DIY Upcycling

Making Fun and Useful Things From Recycled Materials

Making Fun and Useful Things From Recycled Materials

by Carolyn Hasenfratz

Fall Art WalkAt right is a photo of my display at Schnarr’s Hardware in Webster Groves, Missouri at 40 East Lockwood. You can view my work from October 6 – October 15 2017 as part of the Old Webster Fall Art Walk. Look for the lime green cones outside Schnarr’s and other businesses in Old Webster to see where exhibits for the art walk are located.

One of my favorite things to do is to find interesting salvaged materials and apply my creativity to see what I can make out of them. Don’t get me wrong, a trip to the craft store or hardware store is always a treat but sometimes all-new materials don’t give me the same satisfaction that I get from bringing something old back to life. Some materials I use are hand-me-downs or old items of mine that are no longer useful. If I can’t use a whole object that is being discarded I often scavenge parts from it. I’ve made myself some really nice things out of stuff that I picked up off of the curb on trash day. Garage sales and thrift stores sometimes yield fun supplies and I also like to look for interesting materials at non-profits that specialize in keeping things out of landfills such as Leftovers, Etc. and Perennial.

Do you want some ideas for repurposing materials? I’ve written tutorials about how I made many of the items in the show. For inspiration, check out some of my projects!

Antique Key Necklace
Recycled materials – skeleton key, upcycled chain, thrift store beads
TutorialSkeleton Key Necklace



Birding Journal
Recycled materials – matt board, scrap paper, found images
TutorialHandmade Birding Journal



Insulator Votive Candle Lantern
Recycled materials – Glass insulator
TutorialMake an Insulator Votive Candle Lantern



Button Bracelets
Recycled materials – buttons, trim, ribbon
TutorialButton Headband and Bracelet



Butterfly Feeder
Recycled materials – glass dish, metal rings
TutorialUpcycled Butterfly Feeder



Wood Garden Sign
Recycled materials – wood plank
TutorialStencil a Wood Garden Sign



Mosaic Plant Stand
Recycled materials – wood, paper backing glass blobs, tiles
TutorialBuild a Mosaic Plant Stand



Dia De Los Muertos Skull
Recycled materials – fabric, beaded trim, floral embellishments, chipboard
TutorialDia De Los Muertos Skull



Upcycled Tea Box
Recycled materials – Wood tea box, found images
TutorialVintage Look Box



Upcycled Metal Tin
Recycled materials – metal tin, found images, recycled ribbon
TutorialUpcycle a Metal Tin With Decoupage



Mini Album
Recycled Materials – scrap paper and cardstock
TutorialMake a Mini Album

By Carolyn Hasenfratz Winkelmann

Carolyn was raised in a DIY household. From an early age she was encouraged to try everything from baking to soldering. These days she enjoys paper crafts, mixed media crafts, sewing, ceramics, mosaics, gardening, making things out of wood, home decor projects and upcycling found items into useable and decorative objects.

In the past Carolyn has worked in the retail, web design, and marketing fields. She now works part time at Schnarr's as a cashier, helps with the store's marketing efforts, writes her own blog and craft tutorials, and teaches craft classes. Carolyn’s father introduced her to hardware stores, his tools, and the “stuff stash” that every DIYer collects. It’s no surprise that time spent at Schnarr’s makes her giddy in the presence of things you can use to create! She still loves working on projects with her Dad and it's a treat to make a joint trip to the hardware store!

Carolyn is excited for the opportunity to help Schnarr's customers enrich their lives with creative and fun projects. She wants as many people as possible to experience the joy that DIY projects have brought to her life.

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